Marco Nespeca

Senior Digital Product Manager


~ User Focused Solutions Engineering ~ Omnichannel Ecommerce Platform Development ~ Structured Data Driven User
Experience Optimization ~ Digital Transformation ~ IOT ~ Data Science ~ Embedded Systems ~

Results-driven innovative professional with extensive experience in leading research, design, and build strategies for ecommerce, IOT and big data driven products using device & user generated data to create incredible product experiences. Proven expertise in guiding teams to achieve end user improvements with innovative development and data driven optimization techniques.

 Credited with strong ability to identify trends, develop competitive strategies, and execute strategically planned projects. Accomplished taking extraordinarily complex multi-million-dollar digital projects from concept to launch using agile scrum, iterative, stories-based methodologies. Expert in executing Agile development and managing both inhouse and offshore goal-based teams.


Grew up in Montreal, a bachelor’s degree in economics & marketing and a UI/UX design diploma from a time when the web/data/internet was in its infancy.  Worked as a graphics and interaction designer graduating to a front end developer and user experience designer to digital product manager with both internal and external clients.  My background isn’t traditional. You’ll find me at the intersection of customer needs, technology, big data and the journey through to conversion.


Understand the problem, empathize with the persona. Explore the competitive landscape. Identify strategic opportunities. Define product concepts, business goals and requirements.


Map product goals to code. Smooth constraints. Test & prove business cases. Fine tune UI/UX/CX to fill the gap between functional and delightful.


Combine effective interfaces, smart customer interactions, and consistent visual language into a captivating design that resonates with the target audience.


Test prototypes with segmented focus groups against actual problems. Combine insights with intuition and experience. Iterate and improve in pursuit of perfection through KPI’s.


I am Senior Technical Product Manager at BXB Digital (A Brambles Company) focused on establishing product goals by defining KPI’s with both internal and external stakeholders. 

Leveraging innovative digital, IoT and big data technologies to deliver end-to-end visibility and collaboration for the supply chain.  Building software solutions that are purpose built to address today’s operational, quality and business challenges for the Perishable, Frozen, Fresh, and Consumer Packaged Goods industries in the supply chain.

Collaborate with multiple product management team & engineering to take epics into well defined stories through 2 week sprints with tightly knit agile teams.  Cloud based, big data digital products both SAAS & bespoke with a focus on embedded systems, smart sensors, industrial real-time data transmission devices and a data science approach in algorithm design. 

Over 20 years experience in software focussing on digital product management but including UI/UX design and frontend development with some parallel experience in product sales roles for software, industrial and IP (Royalties) distribution in both the Europe and the America’s.


BXB Digital leverages innovative digital and IoT technologies to deliver end-to-end visibility and collaboration for the supply chain. Our software solutions are purpose built to address today's operational, quality and business challenges for the Perishable, Frozen, Fresh, and Consumer Packaged Goods industries.

# Assets Deployed: 31,042 - # Customer loads tracking: 6,500 - # Journeys monitored: 30,000 - # Temperature readings: 2,000,000

Model: B2B
Technology: Embedded systems, AWS, API's, Angular frontend, Android for mobile
Integrations: Spark, Azure
Value: N/A

Role: Technical Product Manager, Mobile Apps Lead
Location: United Kingdom / USA / India

Managed all phases of development from concept to product roadmap and commercialization of i-Lingo. A mobile-centric cloud-based and API driven e-learning application focused on language learning. Acted as lead for content delivery concepts, level assessment and scoring models including the integration of a cross platform virtual classroom environment, a tutor/student chat module and engagement features such as an intelligent notification framework. Drove engagement and adoption for over 18 months bringing usership to over 50,000 through social marketing, paid, affiliate and re-targeting.

Total usership: 50,000 learners with a retention rate of circa 39% (6months)
Model: B2C
Technology: PHP backend (Laravel) , API's, Angular frontend, Android for mobile
Integrations: Twilio, Paypal, Stripe, BigBlueButton, Firebase
Value: £300,000 / Annum

Role: Lead & Driver, Product Manager, SME
Location: United Kingdom / Albania / Peru

A B2B-2C cloud-based HR management system developed to facilitate workforce management through time-tracking, shifts assignment, employee on-boarding & off-boarding. Responsible for the definition of concept through internal & external stakeholder negotiation, competitor analysis, pricing models & feature release planning over a 2 year period.
A fully API driven SAAS model platform with a central admin dashboard that allows for the control & analysis of activated accounts through a complex visual interface minimizing product life cycle management in the growth & maturity product phases.

Total usership: 485,000 employees managed over a 3 year period with a retention rate of circa 73% (6months)
Model: B2B / 2C
Technology: PHP & .NET backend , API's, Angular & PHP (Hybrid) frontend, Android for mobile, Swift for IOS
Integrations: Stripe, Firebase
Value: £600,000 / Annum

Role: Product Manager, Internal SME
Location: United Kingdom / Italy / Albania

A B2B Customer support portal designed to strengthen customer relationships by automating common client/supplier interaction and facilitating communication and ticket management. Developed off of open-source base-code and modified to include, live chat, VOIP, PBX, call recording and a physical item RMA management module.

Total usership: 300 clients
Model: B2B
Technology: PHP backend , API's, PHP frontend
Integrations: Twilio, Paypal, Stripe, OS Ticket
Value: £150,000 / Annum

Role: Lead & Driver, Product Manager, Internal SME
Location: United Kingdom / Italy

Responsible for product concept, feature definition & roadmap delivery. CareSense is a project for the Assisted Living market and brings together the use of Smart Home Sensors & Wearables that connect and communicate data to a Cloud based management engine through UDP & HTTP communication. The IOT sensors send & receive data that is pushed and pulled from the cloud after being analysed by machine learning algorithms used to monitor people in need of care, alerting the people that can help through the use of intelligent behavioral pattern learning and classification.

Total usership: 3000 homes of elderly persons living alone are equipped and being monitored through a EU funded initiative.
Model: B2B / 2C
Technology: PHP & JAVA backend , API's, Angular frontend
Integrations: INNOPRO Smart Sensors, EXEX Android wearable, supplier middleware (UDP to HTTP), Twilio, Paypal, Stripe
Value: £1 500,000.000 / Lifetime

Role: Lead & Driver, Product Manager, Product owner, Scrum Master, Internal SME
Location: Italy / Sweden

Reggiani produced the world's first Industrial grade digital textile printer for textiles. Between the years 2002 & 2007, I was involved in the initial phases of product launch. Beginning with the R&D phases collaborating closely with our Israeli partners (Inkjet head suppliers) and beta test clients through to testing, analysis and finally commercialization. Working as Product Coordinator and eventually Technical Product & Sales Manager for the USA market. I lead entry for the company into a new market and drove sales from zero to fifteen million between 2003-2006 managing the introduction of the first release of the product (Digital textile Printer) into the US market. Achieved through better forecasting, product availability and the creation of a product demo center with a staff of 9 regionally based technicians in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Total usership (2006): 20 units installed
Model: B2B
Technology: Siemens PLC, .NET
Integrations: Inks, & chemicals
Value: £15 000,000.000 / 2003-2006

Role: Product Coordinator (during initial phase), Technical Sales & Area Manager (during growth stage)
Location: Italy / USA

Responsible for the international licensing portfolio at Rainbow Films & Animation with a value of seventeen million – 2006-2008. Accomplished by conducting concept launches, product promotions, increasing partnership agreements and supporting established country partnerships.

Total usership: N/A
Model: B2B
Technology: N/A
Integrations: N/A
Value: £17 000,000.000 / Annum

Role: International Accounts Manager, Product Acceptance Coordinator (International licenses - Mattel, Konami)
Location: Italy / Europe / USA

Fido mobile networks client portal is a B2C user dashboard for managing mobile data & voice usage, payments and settings. I was part of the first team created for this effort, managing the Usability team focusing on customer interaction design and the customer journey. I was also actively involved in the UI/UX design of the (now obsolete) SMS payment module.

Total usership: 1 million + direct customers
Model: B2C
Technology: JAVA backend , API's,, HTML
Integrations: N/A
Value: N/A

Role: Product Manager (customer facing digital products)
Location: Canada

Responsible for coordinating the implementation of McGill University's first LMS. Acted as main internal stakeholder and SME, working closely with department heads to design course-ware, content and training for online learning initiatives.
Total usership: N/A
Model: B2C
Technology: WEBCT / Blackboard, JAVA, Macromedia tools, HTML
Integrations: N/A
Value: N/A

Role: Product Coordinator, Implementation Lead
Location: Canada

Marco Nespeca